From the founding missionary of 1 Body Global, Lee Wood

About Lee!

Lee is the Founder and Director of 1 Body, as well as a missionary and Apostolic leader with a world vision to launch disciple-making movements until the whole world knows Jesus. He leads and mentors key leaders in launching small house churches to spread the Gospel, starting in Tampa and eventually across the whole world.  This aligns with his philosophy of "dream big, work small".  

Lee is married to Stacy, the father of five, and grandfather of three. 

The story begins...

John chapter 17 has always stood out in my heart, from when I first became a believer.  In verse 3 Jesus prays 'This is eternal life that they might know You, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom You have sent'.  For me, eternal life is intimacy with the Father and the Son.  Further, in Jesus' prayer, he's not only praying for the 12 disciples who were his intimate friends, He was also praying for all who might believe, that they might also be one, why? So that the whole world might know that the Father has sent the Son!

From a new believer, that concept of the family of God operating in unity, purpose and practice for the whole world to know the Father and the Son, has compelled and motivated me to reach the world for Jesus. God used the tragedy of the loss of my first wife to pancreatic cancer as a catalyst to ignite a passion to see the transforming power of the gospel both in Tampa and beyond.On the journey of pursuing obedience I was trained at Metacamp by Curtis Sergeant on the basic new Testament principles of discipleship and simple house church multiplication. This training taught me how the prayer of Jesus, “that they might all be one, so that the whole world might know that the Father has sent the Son” can be fulfilled.

what about leadership at 1 Body Global?


1 Body Global has a leadership structure that we call 'organicnization' - it's our word and our attempt at avoiding the pitfalls of hierarchy that so often dominates through command and control structures of many organizations. We are an accredited 501(c)3 'organization' that is structured to simply serve the body of Christ with Jesus as the head.  We have leadership in the network of simple house churches, locally, nationally and globally functioning as elders at both the city and the regional level.  The legal structure of the organization is facilitated by a board who are in relationship with one another and support an ongoing transparency to open-handedly serve the mission of Jesus throughout the world. We are excited that 100% of tax-deductible donations reach our missionaries in the field, where it's needed the most!