1 Body Global is in the midst of developing a local model of a discipling community in a neighborhood of need.  Moving with the biblical principle of disciples making disciples, our first question was, ‘how we can make the presence of God’s love visible to the unique characteristics and population of this community’?  Purchasing an available field in the heart of this poverty stricken, multi-cultural environment has been an important move in establishing our long-term commitment to make a difference.

Next we show up consistently, demonstrating genuine care through engaging activities.  This gives us the time to identify individuals who are drawn to our relationship building investments.  Children are magnetized by events of interest and respond quickly to adults who take time, whether a math tutoring opportunity in an open field,  a community-wide barbeque or a Bully Busting, martial arts-self defense event.  They are ripe for hearing our stories of transformation because of Christ’s power and open to following Him.  Spiritual birth and discipleship now becomes the possibility that will take on many forms for these children.


Engaging even deeper into the neighborhood is essential to impact the adult population.  A house has been purchased in close proximity to the field.  It will be occupied by two, 1 Body disciples, and begin to operate as a training center, offered to the community and available for 1 Body Global discipleship missionaries.  This strategic process facilitates the goal of planting simple churches throughout a neighborhood of need as Christ’s love spills out and we provide friendship, empowering classes that reveal dignity and value, and build on the community strengths….and do this in “their back yard”.

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