Starting a simple church, is exactly that SIMPLE!

Simple Church is a way of connecting with your family, neighbors and friends around the sharing of your life!  As we share life and gain perspective through reading the bible together, we find both a depth of relationship, mutual care, accountability and a deepening experience of the power of the word of God to speak into our everyday lives.  Simple Church by it's definition doesn't require complex systems, buildings or professional staff, it simply requires you to open your home and invite others to experience the power of community that is found with Jesus in the the centre of your gathering.

Training is available to assist you to get started. It's simple with a solid biblical framework to assist you in launching discipleship communities in your home and beyond.  When we look at the early church we see an explosive movement of simple churches that were actively engaged in loving God, loving people and making disciples who make disciples, what happened then can happen now!

Connect with one of our team to begin your journey of simple church!

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