1 Body Global: Keeping Kids & Volunteers Safe!

Thank you for your interest in becoming a volunteer with 1 Body Ministries/1 Body Global.  We value safe people, safe places & safe programs.  We have a simple, yet important process to protect both our volunteers and the people in our community.  We have put together a simple 4 STEP PROCESS of (1) Volunteer Application - (2) Background Check - (3) ChildSafe training - (4) Orientation.  You will be notified of receipt of your volunteer application together with your application for a background check.   STEP 3: A successful application will result in an email asking you to proceed with the on line Child Safe training (This will take approx 30 minutes). STEP 4: Upon the successful completion of your training  one of our team will contact you to organise your orientation.  This isn't a long process (2-3 working days) but an important step in being at the forefront of empowering communities.  Again, Thank you for your investment of time.

Volunteer Application

The volunteer application assists you to self determine your availability and suitability as a 1 body volunteer.  As instructed above, this Volunteer Application form is part of a 4 stage process (Volunteer Application - Background Check - ChildSafe Training & Orientation) - The Volunteer Application should take approx 10 minutes to complete.

Background Check

Each missionary and volunteer will complete Child Safety Training after they lodge their background check. The training link will be sent to you via email.  This is compulsory 1 Body Global training for anyone working with children. The Video course, which takes approx 40 minutes to complete online, will give you skills and knowledge to equip you in understanding 'safe people - safe places - safe programs.  When missionaries and volunteers have an awareness of the basic characteristics of a sexual abuser, the process by which an abuser picks and prepares a child for abuse, and indicators of child sexual abuse, they are better equipped to recognize and prevent abuse in our programs.

Step 3 & 4

STEP 3: Based upon the suitability of your volunteer application together with a successful background check - you will receive the ChildSafe video training link from 'Mobilize my Ministry'.  STEP 4: Upon successful completion of your ChildSafe training one of our team will connect with you to begin the orientation process - Thank you so much, your interest and time is a gift!